Building a Gas Fired Crucible Furnace / David J Gingery

Published by David J Gingery (ISBN 0-9604330-7-4)

I paid

This is the first but not last (I expect) of my Gingery books. I must confes I sense a kindered soul here. A real from scratch DIY book for furnace melting of metals. With this book one could probably put together a furnace for nil cash layout (except for the gas)! While I often trade cash for practicality and time, I do feel that if I had the time would do every thing from scratch, starting from ore. This book even describes how to manufacture the blower and lining material from scratch! It does not make sense unless you realy are on a shoe string budget as my second blower cost FIM 40 (USD 8) and the lining FIM 6/kg (1 USD/kg), but then going in for this kind of hobby is all about having FUN in DOING it, not about rational production of anything. I did not have this book when I made my first attempts, but ideas from this book later helped me to make it work though. While my furnace is not of this design, I very much like this design, especially the lift off lining which enables SAFEer lifting of white hot crucible from the furnace. If I build a new one I surely will do something similar. Includes complete and detailed instructions on how to make a gas fired furnace for natural or propane gas, including the furnace, blower (from scratch!), burner and the whole set up.