High Frequency Induction Heating / Frank W Curtis

Published by Lindsay Publications (ISBN 0-917914-71-6)

I paid USD 12.00?

This is a reprint of a 1940's publication. I bought this in the hope that it would help me in my induction furnace project. I figured that anything they could do in the 40's I could do better with modern stuff. Although the basics of induction heating have not changed much, I must admit that this book provided less help than I had anticipated. The book concentrates on induction heating (as the title says) and does not have much info on furnaces. Has some schematics of valve (tube) style generators that give you some idea of the simplicity of the principle induction heating equipment, but not much usefull numerica information. Mostly centered around heating coil desing. About the most usefull info from this book was the fact that for a coil just one or two rounds in exces of 1000 Amp currents are deployd. So we are talking about several thousend Amp turn here! Would I buy this again? A probable yes.