Elements of Induction Heating (Design, Control and Applications) / S. Zinn, S.L.Semiatin

Published by Electrical Power Researdh Institute (ISBN 0-87170-308-4)

I paid USD 175

For me this book was a big disappointment. I guess that for some audience this book probably provides a lot of usefull information. Lots of nomograms and tables. The preface describes the books objective as "an overiview of the range of applications of induction heating technology" and indeed it covers the range pretty well and from that point of view it probably reaches its goal. But I do think the title is misleading. My disappointment probably comes from the fact that this was an exceptionally high price book and despite of the title did not realy cover the part of the design of induction heating that I was looking for. I expected some concrete values for the actual currents used in coils, some actual schematics and parts values and discussion of the design principles of an induction heating system from start to finish. The schematics are very much simplified, especially the modern semiconductor types get very litle treatment in this book. I trust this has no bearing on the fact that one of the authors (S. Zinn) is in the business of selling this kind of equipment (Ameritherm Inc). The principles of induction heating are covered but leave the reader to figure out the implications. It took me months (you can call me slow) to understand that resonance is in practice a requirement in a practical design, because of the high currents needed. You cannot just pump voltage to the coil and get avay with it, you would end up with abyssmal efficiency and huge electricity bill. S. Zinn Exec VP of Ameritherm Inc