La Locomotive A Vapeur (English Edition) / André Chapelon (translation George W. Carpenter)

Published by Camden Miniature Steam Services (ISBN 0-9536523-0-0)

I paid ~GBP 60.00

A marvelous and scientific book about steam engine Development (with capital 'D') from the 30's (only recently translated into English, I'll take my hat off to all who were involved in that heroic task).If you are new to steam and steam locomotives this may not be your book, sort of advanced material. But if you are a serious steam enthusiast then this is for you. Lots of photos and general layout drawings of a lot of engines, some of which were never built. Some color photos and some nice paintings too. Looking for a rare prototype for your next project? Look here. Of course you need to come up wth your own drawings as there are no GA or part drawings (save some special details when specific design issues are discussed). But you get get main dimensions and looks from this book. This is rather an expensive book but I was so impressed that I gave one to a friend!