A Short History of Technology / T.K. Derry and Trevor I. Williams

Published by Oxford University Press (ISBN 0-19-881231-0)

I paid GBP 5

History of technology from the earliest times to 1900. Part I contains general survey, food production, domestic needs, metal extraction, building construction, transport, communication and record, power sources, chemincal industry up to 1750. Part two contains industrial revolution and surveys, steam engine, machine tools, transport, building construction, coal and metals, modern materials gas,petroleum, rubber, moder chemical industry textiles, pottery and glass, internal combustion engine, electrical industry, printing photography cinema, agriculture and food. Very easy to read and good compact text so you get a good overview on any of the themes. My only complaint is that James Burke's Connections is so much more fasinating, not only because of the amusing style of writing but most of all because of the horizontal or more precisely spiral sort of path through history that realy brings out the connections in history of techonology.