jDraft Mac OS X Download Page

To install, download by clicking the following link Download jDraft-MacOSX.dmg

and when the 'jDraft-MacOSX.dmg' disk image opens drag the jDraft-MacOS icon to your Applications folder.

To launch double click on the jDraft-MacOS icon.

Thats's all folks!


For best Mac OS Experience we recommend Quaqua with jDraft:

Get Quaqua

To install Quaqua, download the latest stable release from the link above.

Open the downloaded Quaqua folder and inside that open the dist folder.

From the dist folder copy the following files:

to the /Library/Java/Extensions/ folder in your harddisk.

If everything is ok, you should see the option 'Quaqua' in jDraft 'Preferences...' -dialog under the heading 'Look & Feel' when you click the 'Look and Feel' combo box / popup.