Important notice to jDraft - beta version users

Please understand that you use the software at your own peril.

While I've put considerable effort into pre-testing the software, the main reason for beta-releases is to let end users test an un-finished product.

This implies a non-zero probability of bugs.

Some bugs are minor, merely cosmetic or inconvenient in nature.

Some bugs are major, suchs as crashes of the software or operating system, resulting in loss of data and work and possibly requiring re-installation of the software / operating system and re-storing of files from backups.

Having said that I believe that with Java technology crashes that could bring down the whole installation including operating system are virtually non-existent. The main threat is that you will lose what ever changes you've made to the jDraft documents since last save.

So do take precautions, save early, save often and take backups.

It is not nice to lose a days worth of good draftmanship because somebody in Siuntion made a silly mistake.

If you do lose data, please, spare me the details, I do want to know about the bugs, but I'm not that keen on feeling bad for lost data!

Kusti / Siuntio 14.3.2004