jDraft Release Notes

NOTE: jDraft requires JRE 5.0 (aka 1.5).

You can also check the complete revision history .

This release brings some important improvements to the platform user interface guidelines conformance, especially on Mac OS X.

Bug Fixes

A work around for a Mac OS X JVM bug that caused a JVM crash has been added to ellipsoid generation code.

Usability Improvements

An option to reverse the mouse wheel zoom direction has been added.

(In dialog 'Preferences' -under 'Mouse' see 'Reverse Wheel Zoom'.)

The Look and Feel options have been enhanced to show all available LAFs.

(In dialog 'Preferences' -under 'Look & Feel' see 'Use Native File Dialogs'.)

Support for latest Quaqua (7.3.4) has been added.

An option to use the native (AWT) Save/Open file dialogs has been added.

(In dialog 'Preferences' -under 'Look and Feel' see 'Use Native File Dialogs'.)

The operation of floating toolbars has been enhanced.

The evaluation period has been extended until 31.12.2011

Kusti / Siuntio 5.3.2011