jDraft Release Notes

NOTE: jDraft requires JRE 5.0 (aka 1.5).

You can also check the complete revision history .

This is a major release that brings a lot new features and fixes a lot of small usability issues and bugs and brings the beta versio inline with the development main branch.

New Features

Text Edit

Text edit/creation now defaults to previous text entry.

Text can now be entered before text position and vice versa, a Preference setting has been added to that effect.

A single line text entry mode has been added and is the default. In the single line mode the text edit is completed with the ENTER key, which in multiline mode creates a new line but does not complete the entry.

New vertical centering option has been added to support centering of text blocks that have no kerning on the last line.


The arrow keys can now be used to 'nudge' the selected shapes along the current grid in increments of grid unit.

New Layer

When a Layer is created it also becomes the Current Layer.

A new, random color is automatically assigned to new Layers.

Auto Click Default

Auto Click now defaults to the current Snap mode, as opposed to the first enabled Snap mode.

Grid Dragging

If the Grid Snap is in effect when a Drag is initiated then the drag will be constrained to the Grid in other words the move will be an integral number of grid spacing.

Delete Command

A new command to delete shapes by picking them with the cursor has been added to support classic (pre-Mac Draw) style deletion of shapes.

Spline Creation

When drawing a spline the spline is now updated in real time.


Edit statistics is now collected for each drawing, unless disabled from the Preferences, and records all the edit sessions and users. A total edit time summary is provided.

Change Line Style / Fill Style

The Select Line Style and Select Fill Style toolbar controls now change the selected shapes if any.


A Zoom Document command has been added to the View Controls toolbar.

The 'Z' key now toggles between current drawing commmand and Zoom command.

TAB-key Selection

The TAB key can now be used to cycle through all possible pick options in case the wrong shape(s) gets picked.


The double ESC key now toggles between current drawing command and Select Shapes command.

Move and Rotate Shortcuts

Shorcuts for Rotate and Move have been added , 'R' and 'M' respectively.

Fill Styles

Area fills now include solid color and raster based fills in addition to the orignal hatchings.

Object Info Displays

The new display can be dragged away to create a floating info display that displays most object properties.

Drawing Elements

Support for ellipses and ellipse arcs has been added.

Support for new Polyline type that support piece wice, linear, natural, quadratic and cubic spline segments has been added.


Continuous coordinate dimensioning tool has been added.

The option to use slash-marks instead of arrows in dimensioning (for architect style dimensioning) has been added.

Reference Marks

Added commands to create ReferenceMarks in various formationspatterns to e.g. divide a line or circle to N segments etc.

Usability Improvements

Text Rendering Improvement

A new caching scheme improves text rendering speed up to x 100 times.

Black/White Printing

A 'Print in Black & White' option has been added to the 'Fileprint Setup...', which forces all items to print in pure black (as opposed to the gray printing offered by the printer driver options).

Improved Mouse Click Modifiers

Mouse click modifiers have been changed as follows:

Modifier Action
ALT When dragging create a copy of the selected objects

In zooming alternate between zoom in/out

SHIFT In drawing/dragging/moving Lock vertical/horizontal direction
CTRL/META(*) When dragging move instead of stretch selected objects

(*) CTRL/META = In Windows/Linux use CTRL key, On Mac OS use Apple/Command key

By Layer Snap/Lock

A layer by layer  move / snap locking feature has been added

Move To Current Layer Command

Added a "Move To Current Layer" command to right click menu.

Floating Layer Control Panel

A tear-away floating toolbar for layers has been added.

On Line Tutorial

A browser launch to the online tutorial has been added to the Help menu.

New Defaults

New layers have changed to use by-layer color by default and the color has been changed to green.

The default background color has been changed to black and foreground to white.

Windows Configation is Saved

Window and view configuration and state is now saved/restored when a drawing is saved / opened.

New Shortcuts

Double clicking 'nothing' now exits all groups.

Keyboard shortcuts for Group/Ungroup have been added.

Set Drawing size from Selection

Drawing size can now be set from the selected elements.

Mouse Wheel Support

Added support for mouse wheel. Wheel rotation now zooms in/out. Click wheel/middle-button to center view at the point clicked. Drag wheel/middle-button to zoom to a rectangle.

Improved DXF Import

  • Import speed is now ten fold
  • Paper / Model Space is handled correctly
  • Line Style dash lengths are handled correctly
  • New entities are supported (MTEXT,DIMENSION,ATTRIB,ATTDEF,SOLID)
  • Text positioning improved
  • BLOCK rotation and scaling now handled correctly
  • Color / Line Style handling improved
  • A bug in the bulge processing has been fixed
  • Improved Object Selection

    Changed the behaviour of selecting objects so that arc centers are no longer included in 'Box Selecting' objects, which makes selecting arcs with large radius easier

    Changed the behaviour of selecting objects so that selecting now obeys the 'Pick In All Layers' / 'Pick In Current Layer'.

    Bug Fixes

    A bug that caused Coordinate/Info Toolbar  not to resize it was de-floated has been fixed.

    A bug that added a new layer when the current layer was renamed.

    A bug that caused problems that left a ghost hilite/selection on screen on certain situations has been fixed.

    A bug that caused problems (especially in Mac OS X)  when performing right-click operations on selections has been fixed.

    A bug that caused objects in invisible layers to snap has been fixed.

    A bug that caused Layer Toolbar  not to resize correctly on Mac OS X when it was de-floated has been fixed.

    New shapes are now display in the logical layer or linestyle color when being created. A bug that caused the new shapes not to show while being rubber banded during draw operations if the background color was the same line style color and the current layer was in by-layer color mode has been fixed.

    A bug that caused foreground color not to be applied to icons, which made it difficult to use a black background has been fixed.

    A couple of bugs in item extents calculation that sometimes messed the extents up making it difficult to pick text and group elements has been fixed.

    Fixed a bug that caused angle units combox'es to show length units instead of angle units.

    Fixed a bug that caused a NullPointerException in a New document when trying to dimension anything unless the dimensionin parameters dialog was brought up first.

    Fixed a couple of bugs with polylines that sometimes caused an ArrayIndexOutOfBounds exception.

    All dialogs have been reworked to hava a parent frame (the active document window) because lack of parent frame appears to cause problems on MacOSX.

    A bug that caused the dimension preview panel in dimension parameters dialog to always use white background instead of the actual backgroun color has been fixed.

    A bug that caused the draw rectangle rules to throw a NullPointerException has been fixed.

    A bug that sometimes caused a massive memory leak when copypasting shapes has been fixed.

    A bug that caused difficulties when picking handles when inverted colors were used has been fixed.

    A the look and feel has been fine tuned to support better Mac fidelity togeter with Quaqua Look and Feel library.

    Files that no longer exist are now cleaned up from the Recent Files menu.

    A bug that caused the filled areas not to appear gray when editing a group that they did not belong to has been fixed.

    The set coordinate system origin now handles the sign of the rotation angle correctrly

    Tooltips for Coordinate Systems combobox have been added.

    Clipboard contents are now used as an icon when dragging (Mac OS only) and in the Paste multiple parameters sample dialog.

    Fixed the PreRotate angle direction to handle the sign and handedness correctly.

    Fixed the Display preferences window title.

    Changed the Move and Rotate command icons.

    Set Color swatches have been changed to work better in all LAFs.

    The change document size display has been fixed to correctly illustrate size changes..

    Fixed a bug that caused Line Styles for new documents to default to no line styles at all

    Fixed a bug that caused angle between lines dimensioning to select wrong angle.

    Circels now snap to handles as well as quarter points.

    Layer renaming no longer allows duplicate names.

    Fixed a bug that caused Templates to be added to the Recent Files menu.

    Filled areas using the same fill pattern now are correctly aligned so that the fill patterns tile together without seams.
    Kusti / Siuntio 2.1.2007