Locating the centers of rotation

First four (d=10 mm) blind holes were cut using a D-bit on the back side of the pattern mould.

One in the center of the wheel, one at location for the driving pin and two on both sides of those to be used for machining the arcs that connect the center hub with driving pin hub. (The small holes are through holes for fixing the mould to the rotary table.)

A mandarel with M2 taper at one end and 10 mm diameter at the other end is used to allign the pattern (at those rotation centers)and the center of the rotary table.

Before each machining operation the rotaty table and the milling machine are alligned by chucking the mandered into a 10 mm collet and rising the rotatry table (NOT bolted tight to the table). This alligns the rotatry table center with the milling center after which the bolts that hold the RT to the machine table are tightened.
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